Stephen Newey

Back, with Python

01 February 2015

It’s that time again. My biennial recollection that I have a web site and that I’ve been meaning to write something on it for the past two years.

As always, the first task is not to write anything, but instead to distract myself by poking around with the technology. And I’ve made three big changes this time around.

First off, I’ve dropped the super functional Octopress and migrated my existing posts into Pelican. They’re both “static site generators”. The key difference for me is that Octopress is built in Ruby and Pelican in Python.

Given I spend most of my working life with Python I find myself feeling much more in control of Pelican. It supports Markdown, so my existing posts just needed some subtle changes in their metadata and codeblocks. And it uses Jinja templates, which is important because of my second change…

A really simple, responsive HTML build that I rolled myself. In the past, due to my woeful CSS skills, I’d have just grabbed a pretty theme from the many available. But I’ve spent the last year freelancing back in the world of web development and finally needed to get a better handle on frontend things.

It’s nothing special, but I’m happy with the result and a little bit proud that I didn’t have to fall back on Bootstrap or any other framework. Not that I’m knocking them, but for something this simple I think they might be overkill.

Finally, there’s a change of venue. Gone is the super-short but somewhat cryptic (though of course it redirects here), hello to the entirely descriptive Even though the double “n” in the middle is kind of ugly.

Since last we spoke

I’ve spent the last year working away on projects using Django, which I hadn’t touched since version 1.1 back in 2009. It’s been a little bit of a joy to use and see how it’s evolved over the years. I’ve also spent a lot of time on deployment automation with Ansible and Fabric. And I’ve had one project to throw at Azure, which was an experience.

In January, I’ve kept a lighter work schedule and spent some time learning some new things. Those being Go(lang) and iOS development with Swift (I don’t have any prior experience with Objective C).

I feel like I’ve got some things to say about all that. Perhaps it won’t take another two years. But I make no promises.

Tags: python, pelican